Damaged Superchargers

Models that are sent back without repair or damaged beyond repair. As the list builds, we will sort by serial number and brand for you.

Paxton Superchargers:

Paxton 2200SL #85683 – good impeller and volute.

Paxton Novi 2000 #07274 Damaged impeller.

Paxton Novi 1200 #83832- good front cover.

Paxton Novi 2000 #05601- damaged aftermarket impeller, volute, gear case bearing pocket. Gears needed inspected.

Paxton Novi 2000 #05838, bent and chipped impeller blades as well as heat damaged gears.

ProCharger Superchargers:

ProCharger P1SC #57552- good impeller and volute.

ProCharger P1SC #23165 -repairable volute.

ProCharger P1SC-1 #59595- ran without oil. Possibly good front cover.

ProCharger P1SC #59595 – ran without oil. No good parts.

Sprintex Superchargers:

S5-335 Jeep Wrangler kit- #220115-002- Only good parts are drive snout, 3 lobe rotor.