05-09 Dodge Challenger Hemi 5.7L/6.1L Hemi Techco Supercharger 3.0L Rebuilt Full Head Unit


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Note: This listing is for a Techco 3.0L supercharger head unit for a 5.7L/6.1L Hemi engine. This is not a complete kit. While it includes the intercooler assembly, crankpulley, front mounting bracket, it does not include any heat exchanger, hoses, pumps, tune, fuel injectors, or belt. These are difficult to find.  The head unit will fit Mustang application- with a switch of manifolds, if your head unit went bad. If so, reach out to us for a price on breaking up this kit.

What is included:

  • Rebuilt 3.0L Supercharger, complete with manifold, intake manifold to TB, intercooler setup with fittings.
  • Crank Pulley (not shown- getting powder coated)
  • Supercharger pulley.
  • Mounting bracket with tensioner idler (not shown- getting powder coated).
  • Oil fill tube assembly with cap.
  • Bottle of JB Performance Supercharger Oil.

What has been done to the supercharger:

  • Fully rebuilt with all new bearings and seals.
  • Includes JB Performance ceramic oil.
  • Ceramic coated supercharger rotors.
  • Carbon fiber coupler.
  • Bypass has been fully rebuilt with new orings.
  • New intercooler orings.
  • Fully powdercoated in a PPG texture black (not a wrinkle) for a restored, clean finish.
  • Smaller pulley for more boost.
  • New stainless hardware.

NOTE: We can powder the runners a different color for an extra fee.


Here is the information on these superchargers from back in the day for your information:

Mopar owners of 2005 to 2009 HEMI 5.7 and HEMI 6.1 vehicles are now able to boost under hood horsepower by up to 45% with innovative new dual-screw supercharger (patent pending).
What makes the TECHCO Reverse-Revolution Twin Screw Supercharger so revolutionary is the unique design (Patent Pending), which optimizes airflow efficiency throughout. Incoming air is fed into the front of the supercharger, not the back like conventional designs. This ensures that the incoming air has minimal turns, eliminating restrictions, before entering into the supercharger housing. Additionally, without the need for a complex inlet tube, the largest possible orifice size is maintained, maximizing air flow efficiencies. The air then flows into the lobes of the Reverse-Revolution asymmetric multi-lobe compressor screws, where it is compressed, not merely moved, as in other forms of supercharging. The compressed air then flows into the intercooler housing which houses (2) intercoolers mounted in an A-Frame configuration to ensure the airflow is evenly distributed to each runner bank. The Patent Pending Twin Intercooler design results in higher cooling capacity and greater thermal efficiencies as the cooling water only has to pass through the intercoolers once, keeping the charge air cool. A further benefit of the front Inlet Design is the additional package space above the supercharger that is used for long high flow Intake Runners, which increases low end torque.

The resulting design of The TECHCO Reverse-Revolution Twin Screw Supercharger allows air to move through the supercharger quickly and efficiently, without significant heat buildup, and at the highest resulting airflow volume at low boost output. The performance result is maximized horsepower and torque output.

TECHCO 2955 cc / 180 cu. in. Displacement
* Integrated Front Drive/Induction Combo
* Dual Screw Configuration
* Asymmetric Multi-Lobe Compressor Screws
* Delta-Frame™ Internal Intercooler Configuration, Patent Pending
* Remote Drive 8-Rib Pulley and Dampener
* Internal High-Volume By-Pass Valve
* Low-Profile High-Volume 10 Inch Long Runners
* Dual Thin-Core Intercoolers with low pressure drop
* Single-Pass Intercooler Coolant Path
* Symmetric CNC Intercooler Caps with integrated coolant passages
* High-Volume Intercooler Water Pump with recovery tank
* High-Volume Heat Exchanger with all hardware
* 80 mm Venturi with high-flow air filter
* 88 mm Cold Air Inlet Tube
* SuperTune OBD Compliant Calibration and Program Tool
* Extruded Aluminum Fuel Rails with upgraded fuel injectors where applicable
* Ultra-Light Weight Aluminum Construction
* Stainless Steel Fasteners
* Instruction Manual
* Utilizes factory throttle body and hood

Additional information

Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 20 in


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