10-15 Camaro ZL-1 6.2L TVS1900 6.2L Supercharger porting


09-15 CTSV porting


JB Performance supercharger porting, gasket matching and wall smoothing for a 10-15 Camaro ZL-1 6.2L TVS1900 Supercharger.

  • We will port match and polish the discharge manifold to OEM GM gasket #19180613. Gasket showing as example.
  • Drive snout is modified to a larger opening to maximum limit while keeping the o-ring gasket face intact. Larger openings are possible, but are not necessary unless the throttle body size is larger.
  • Porting of a larger opening and polishing of the wall of the drive snout. We do not waste time porting and smoothing the bypass area. There is not any performance benefit by doing so.
  • Port match drive snout to supercharger intake.
  • Port and polish supercharger manifold entrance. Enlargement is done to the maximum without affecting support ribs and bolt cavities. Thinning of support ribs is not recommended. We also do not thin the wall that supports your rear bearings, nor do we thin the walls to the point that cracking can occur at a later point.
  • Minor porting and polishing of rotor discharge. No alteration of port timing that can cause boost loss.

Requires customer supercharger to be sent in. No warranty provided unless a full rebuild takes place at the same time.

Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 20 in


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