Full rebuild kit fits Pro Charger P1SC, D1SC, P1SC-1, P1SC-2


PC P1SC Rebuild Kit

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Rebuild kit for Pro Charger P1SC, D1SC, P1SC-1, P1SC-2. Includes all consumables required for a rebuild.

Includes the following items:

  • 1 SKF Front Viton Seal.
  • 2 SKF Input Shaft Bearings.
  • 2 SKF Oil Slinger Bearings.
  • 2 GMN Precision Matched Ceramic Output Shaft Bearings.
  • 1 JB Performance Dual Lip PTFE Impeller Seal.
  • 1 8 ounces of JB Performance Ceramic Supercharger Oil.

There are two versions used by Pro Charger. Race versions will be marked with an R or RACE. Street versions do not share this marking. Street versions that use straight cut gears can be converted to a RACE version. Race versions allow higher belt tension pressure. RPM limits do not change.

Please note that re-manufacturing superchargers requires special tools for the installation of seals and bearings as well as properly measuring bearing pre-loads and checking tolerances.

JB Performance provides name brand parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications. If your concerned about installation, we offer re-manufacturing services with a warranty. Please check our rebuild services for more information.

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