JB Performance Supercharger Oil with Tribodyn


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Extend the life of your Holley, Weiand, or B&M supercharger with JB Performance Supercharger oil with Tribodyn Technology inside! Compatible with all twin screw, roots, and gear drive centrifugal style superchargers. This oil is not compatible with friction or ball drive centrifugal style superchargers.

JB Performance Supercharger oil is a synthetic oil with Tribodyn 3 stage technology included. Includes the latest in oil technologies to keep your bearings, seals, and gears properly lubricated.

Maintain the life of your supercharger and reduce gear case temperatures and associated heat damage. Lower gear temperatures in your supercharger means more HP, less friction, and less heat soak from gear case. In independent testing, a 10 to 90 degree Fahrenheit drop in gear case temperatures was witnessed, ranging from drag use to road course use. Perfect for everyday driving too.

Quantity 2, 8oz (237ml) bottle with screw on spout for easy pouring. Oil will be Tribodyn gray. It is easy to spot on dipsticks and in oil sight glasses. The oil will not contaminate oil sight glasses. Drain old oil from the supercharger and fill to the manufacturer’s specifications.

JB Performance Supercharger oil meets or exceeds the API Service Class GL5, GL4, MT1, MIL-L-2105D, MIL-PRF-2015E, MACK GO-H, MACK GO-J, PG-1, PG-2, SCANIA STO 110, and Meritor-076N.


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