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Let Jon Bond Performance re-manufacturer your SUPERCHARGER like new and include a 1 year unlimited mileage warranty! If you suspect that your supercharger is making noise- STOP using it and check your belt idler pulley or other items for noise. If it continues, waste no time sending it in for a rebuild.

Please use the Repair Request Form to send with  your supercharger for repair.  It is not required, but you can schedule your supercharger repair (CLICK HERE) if you wish to have an exact day to better coordinate turn-around time with your shop.


  • All superchargers are 100% disassembled, inspected, and an itemized estimate. Diagnosis of the failure will be provided. Repairs are not conducted without full approval. If you supercharger cannot be repaired, we may be able to offer a new or rebuilt replacement and allow you to trade in any parts that are good out of your old unit. We offer free inspections and estimates.


  • Full rebuilds are $605 USD general rebuild labor plus parts. All consumable parts are replaced with OEM or higher quality name brand parts. If the proper parts are not available, JBP is the only company that pays to have the correct parts produced. We do not glue, epoxy, or silicone incorrect parts in place. We do not offer lower quality tiers of parts to bring the cost down, nor do we reuse consumables. We use only the best parts on all rebuilds. All other parts are based on condition. All old parts are returned. There are extra labor fees for damaged or seized hardware, damaged components that require additional repair, or to repair damage from someone else’s disassembly using incorrect methods.
  • We also charge extra labor plus parts each, to rebuild jackshafts, or multipiece manifolds, bypass assembly.  The average cost of a rebuild can vary by brand, but most superchargers are around $975 for consumable parts and labor. An inspection will be the only way to determine if your supercharger can be repaired. We will not assemble or repair any unit that cannot be properly re-manufactured or warrantied. Final testing is provided on an electric dyno for noise testing.
  • For self contained superchargers, JB Performance also provides an exclusive oil developed and tested by Tribodyn and JB Performance. The 3 Stage technology developed delivers 40F to 90F degrees lower gear case temperatures.


  • 1 year limited warranty when properly maintained. Limited warranty covers bearings, seals, and JBP labor to replace the failed part. It does not cover damage from improper maintenance, exceeding manufacturer’s maximum RPM, damaged to rotor timing from engine detonation, continued use when making noise, shipping, or the labor to remove/install it on the vehicle. Requires supercharger head/drive snout to be returned for analysis. Directions on proper care and how to prevent failures is supplied with a rebuild.. Please see Warranty Request for more information.


  • If you would like to know when the item arrives at JBP, please use tracking. JB Performance will contact you as soon as the inspection and estimate are completed as well as when the rebuild is completed.


  • Rebuild times are 7 to 10 business days when scheduled. Click here for current lead times. Exceptions are granted for ‘Expedited Service’. This is available for a higher fee with shorter wait time.

Return shipping:

  • Return shipping is about $1 to $1.50 per pound and is based on size, weight, and address, and carry $100 minimum insurance with signature confirmation and tracking. Extra insurance is available at cost and is estimated to be around $10 per $1000 of coverage. Failure to declare insurance in the repair request does not pose liability back on JBP.


  • Drain any oil, fuel, and intercooler coolant. Remove any sensors, fuel injectors, throttle body, if possible. Protect any plastic parts, pulleys, intercoolers, from damage. Use at least 2” of rigid packing material such as layered cardboard, solid foam board, Instapak, ect. Extra fee of $10 is charged if packing peanuts are used. They do nothing to protect your investment. We recommend a dual wall box for heavy items (50lbs or better). A pre-packaged box and or supplies can be purchased at HERE.

International Customers:

  • Please mark your package as Temporary Import for Repair. Send us this form by email and we can help with import paperwork. Return shipping is conducted by UPS or USPS. We have over 40% off fees for return shipping. No charge to process return customs paperwork. Taxes and duties are not pre-paid, nor are they estimated here.


    We accept check, wire transfer, electronic bank payment, Paypal, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express.


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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 21 in


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