MP112 G4 case porting


MP112 G4 porting


JB Performance case porting for MP112 G4. The entrance is eyebrow ported extensively to allow more air to enter the supercharger. Port timing is not altered. A double arrowhead design on the bottom allows a large amount of air to discharge, allowing for cooler discharge temperatures as well as increasing the efficiency of the supercharger.

Port timing is not altered. We do not epoxy silencer holes. Epoxy just works loose overtime causing significant damage to the supercharger. Dyno results have not shown any HP increase by altering the silencer holes.

We do not port used supercharger without a rebuild to avoid any potential issues un-related to porting. If the supercharger is new, we require warranty proof from manufacturer. See rebuild section on rebuild pricing and information.

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Weight 45 lbs


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