Replacement oil level indicator – dipstick- blank level indicator


KB dipstick- no markings

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Aftermarket improved replacement oil level indicator dipstick. Aluminum hex head top with steel pressed in shaft. Shaft has no markings- so this is a blank slate.  No more stripped allen hex holes, screwdriver holes, or melted plastic dipsticks that drop down into your gear case. Total available length of steel rod is 118mm. Purchasing this dipstick will require you to match the length and markings of your old dipstick. You will need a hacksaw to trim and add the marks.

This dipstick fits 1.2L and larger Kenne Bell, Autorotor, Whipple, Lysholm, and more that have the dipstick mounted on the long side of the cover. It WILL NOT be long enough to use in locations where the dipstick is mounted in the short edge of the cover.

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Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in


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