TriboDyn® TRI-EX2 20W-50 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil, 1 US Quart, 946ml


TRI 20W-50


TriboDyn® TRI-EX2 20W-50 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil, 1 US Quart, 946ml, is a patented ceramic lubricant, this synthetic multi-purpose lubricant, provides low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) protection for small-displacement turbo-charged and Gasoline Direct Injected (GDI) motors. With superior protection against thermal breakdown, excellent protection from deposits at all operating temperatures, excellent cold-cranking capabilities, anti-wear, anti-foam, bearing corrosion, & excellent anti-rust protection. Also includes an enhanced rust protection for flex-fuel vehicles, specifically those that run on ethanol-based fuel (E85).

Applications: TriboDyn® TRI-EX2 20W-50 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is designed for service in Automotive, Industrial & Heavy-Duty Equipment, Marine, & Powersports applications, including all forms of high performance & endurance racing, powerboats, and other stationary & mobile equipment. Can be used in virtually all service classifications for gasoline engines domestic & foreign. It meets or exceeds the following service classifications when API SP, SN Plus, SN, SM, SL, SJ & ILSAC GF-6A, GF-5, GF-4, etc., are required. Fully compatible with all other synthetic & petroleum-based motor oils.

Directions for use: Follow engine manufacture’s SAE weight recommendations, and all other OEM specifications. In all new engines, do not add TriboDyn® TRI-EX 20W-50 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil until after the first oil change. DO NOT USE AS A BREAK-IN OIL.

WARNING: This product contains crude oil, and other petroleum products that may include chemicals such as toluene, and benzene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer & birth defects or other reproductive harmFor more information, go to Avoid direct exposure. May cause skin or eye irritation. Ingestion may cause GI tract irritations or stomach discomfort. Inhalation of oil mists or heated oils may result in respiratory tract irritation. Slip hazard when spilled.
FIRST AID: EYES – Flush with water for 15 minutes; get medical attention if eye irritation persists.
SKIN – Wash with soap and water get medical attention if irritation develops.
INGESTION – If swallowed, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING – Rinse mouth with water; get immediate medical attention.
INHALATION – Remove exposed person to fresh air if adverse effects are observed; get medical attention if symptoms occur.

TriboDyn® TRI-EX2 Synthetic Blend Motor Oils – PATENTED CERAMIC LUBRICANT

TriboDyn® TRI-EX2 Motor Oils are a patented ceramic lubricant that is attracted to areas of heat, & friction. As pressures increase with RPM or load, the special TRI-EX2TM lubricants combined with the active “Ceramic Coating Technology” in the oil, forms a self-lubricating “Ceramic Film” in high load & heat areas, providing critical protection that actively seeks out areas needing increased lubrication, and at times not simply reduce or eliminate wear, but the ceramic film that forms, can also repair & fill in damaged surfaces. Also helps provides continuous protection by dispersing & clinging to critical areas without creating any drag, providing both start-ups, and continuous benefits while protecting against corrosion during long periods of nonuse or while in storage. This TRI-EX2TM patented formula is designed to: Form a Ceramic Coating During Extreme Conditions, Enhances Motor Performance & Horsepower, Performs under Extreme Pressure & Heat, Reduce Operating Temperatures, Extend Equipment Life by Improved Lubrication, Improve Fuel Mileage, Reduce oil Consumption & Corrosion, Reduces Maintenance & Repair Costs, and will not build up or change tolerances.


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Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in


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