TriboDyn TriMax High Temperature, Extreme Pressure Grease- 14 Ounce



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One 14 ounce tube of TriboDyn TriMax High Temperature Extreme Pressure Grease.

Race proven and approved for high performance racing during extreme conditions for use on needle bearings, roller bearings, and ball bearings. Used in superchargers, idler bearings, u-joints, wheel bearings. Can be used anywhere that water spray may be present. Not yet tested for underwater use.

TriboDyn TriMax Grease is a patented complex mixture of extreme pressure lubricants, engineered to reduce friction & wear, and performs under extreme pressure & heat while reducing operating temperatures. It provides excellent adhesion, water wash-out resistance, and continuous protection by dispersing & clinging to critical areas without creating any drag. Is also attracted to areas of heat and friction, as pressures increase with RPM or load, the special lubricants actually become more efficient.

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