Supercharger Belt Tension

Here are common questions we receive on belt tension and our answers to them. We will edit this page often, as new questions on this topic are added.

Belt tension is often misunderstood. Most individuals carry the logic if the belt is slipping, it needs tightened up. To correct this, one must first understand what the problem may be. I hear comments of ‘I can turn the belt 1/2 turn, so it isn’t too tight’. This could not be further from the truth.

Here are do’s and don’t with belt tension.

  • Do check belt tension on any auto or manual tensioning system. We use a Krikit 91132 for serpentine belts, made by Gates. Of course you can use whatever system you own. Just be sure to use their tension pressure recommendation for the ribs on the belt. Gates Calculator can be found here:
  • Do check belt for wear. Most modern belts are made with EPDM and do not crack and split like older belts. They are made to stretch, to avoid breaking. They are made to grip- and as they slip, they wear down the shape of the V groove. Purchase a serpentine belt wear indicator and use it often to check for belt wear