Supercharger Oil Levels:

WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER OIL LEVELS. Courtesy from Whipple Superchargers.

It is recommended that the following items be inspected at all normal engine service intervals:

  1. Check belt condition & tension. Replace or adjust as required.
  2. Check the supercharger oil level. Adjust if required.
  3. Clean & oil the air filter at the factory recommended intervals.
  4. Follow the standard maintenance recommendations by vehicle manufacturer.
  5. Change oil as directed below: We recommend every 25,000 to 36,000 miles.

Fill to center of oil sight glass. 5.8 fl/oz. or 155cc.


Confirmed Oil Levels for EATON OEM applications. This does not apply to aftermarket superchargers as each one is different. Courtesy of EATON.

 OEM Application Rotor Type  Size  Oil Fill (ml)  Oil Fill (fl oz) 
Audi A6/S4  TVS R1320  155 5.2
BMW / Mini 3-lobe M45 145 + 40 (rear)  4.9 + 1.4 (rear)
Mercedes M271 3-lobe  M45 135 4.6
Mercedes EVO M111 3-lobe M45 110 3.7
Mercedes Clutched 3-lobe M62 110 3.7
Ford 3-lobe M24 35 1.2
Ford Super Coupe 3-lobe M90 240 7.9
Ford Shelby GT500 3-lobe
H122 140 4.7
Ford Harley-Davidson
3-lobe M112 215 7.3
Ford Lightning 3-lobe M112 215 7.3
Ford Cobra 3-lobe M112 215 7.3
GM 3800 Series L67 3-lobe M90 225 7.6
GM 3800 Series L32 3-lobe M90 205 6.9
GM Cobalt SS LSJ 3-lobe M62 100 3.4
GM Cadillac LC3 Northstar 3-lobe M112 215 7.3
GM Cadillac LSA TVS R1900 150 5.1
GM Corvette LS9 TVS R2300 150 5.1
Jaguar AJ33 3-lobe M112 215 7.3
Jaguar AJ43/44 3-lobe M112 215 7.3
Jaguar AJ133 TVS R1900 150 5.1
Nissan 3-lobe M62 115 3.9
Volkswagen 3-lobe M24 40 1.4

Dodge Hellcat/Demon IHI 2.4L/2.7L, JB Performance Supercharger Oil installation instructions:

Please note that it is easier to fill the supercharger oil before installation on the vehicle.

  1. When looking at the supercharger from the rear side, locate drain plug on lower right hand side of the supercharger. Clean any debris from around drain plug with a rag. Remove both drain plugs using 3/16 allen wrench. Use of the incorrect tool will strip out the drain plug. Inspect the magnet around the drain plug for debris and clean as necessary. A small amount of debris does not necessarily indicate a problem as the ceramic oil can become ‘charged’ by the magnet.
  2. Shake JB Performance Supercharger oil before use.
  3. The top drain plug serves as a vent. Tip the supercharger at a 45 degree angle. Fill with 6 ounces of supercharger oil into right plug hole. If you fill from the top left plug, oil can run down a vented rotor bolt, which can cause oil to exit supercharger on vented ports at the bottom of the supercharger, slowly over time, giving the impression that the supercharger has an oil leak issue. Do not over or under fill with supercharger oil. Failure to follow these directions can result in shortened lifespan of supercharger. See picture below for reference.
  4. Install both drain plugs and tighten to 65-75 inch pounds.

Maintenance interval: life of supercharger/80,000 miles.