Loser central: Non-paying, deadbeat, and fraudulent customer list:

Jake Brain
2219 N Airport Road #1
Ellensburg, WA 98926

Invoice date: 11/26/20 Paid for powdercoating, full rebuild of supercharger. Stated had noise after installation. We offered warranty in January. We stated to send it in for warranty. No contact, never heard from him. Filed a claim with his CC to get his money back as Item not as described. Claimed we would not help him. Supercharger never showed up for warranty. In April, filed a complaint with the BBB. We did win the case with the Credit Card Company, but wasted precious hours with constant complaints, and having to respond to cases. It would have been easier for him to just send it back for warranty for both of us. We won dispute.

1st Stop Performance, Don
7623 180th St SE
Snohmish,WA 98296

Invoice: 10/22/19. Paid for a rebuild. Stated it was noisy on return, but refused to return it for warranty. Sent over 9 emails requesting us to just send money back. We asked to have the supercharger back for inspection. Customer never followed through or returned the item and filed a claim with his credit card company for the purchase as not as described and that we would not help. We lost dispute due to inability to produce email responses. Since then we moved to a email server for records.


POWERHOUSE PERFORMANCE powerhouseHPtunes@gmail.com doing business as

TR3 Performance Inc

4141 SW 47th Ave

Davie, FL 33314-4006

Lawrence Macedo
1616 Lake Drive
Unit 7
Deland, FL 32724

Phone: 407-970-3463

Sent in damaged Hellcat drive snout from customer attempting to remove the factory pulley without proper tools. Customer damaged drive snout severely, which was damaged from improper service tools. We repaired it. Installed Hellraiser pulley that he provided per directions. He wanted us to deviate from directions. We left dust cover off and stated if this is how he wanted it, to check it over. If he approved, install the dust cover. He installed the dust cover. A week later, sent us an email claiming we wrecked the drive snout. Never sent in for warranty. He told his customer to send it somewhere else. They repaired it and Hellraiser provided a new pulley as the early Gen 1 pulleys are having all kinds of problems. Lawrence created a fake invoice due, stating we owe him money, and then made it past due within 2 days notice. Sent it to collections in an attempt to damage our credit. This person does not operate in a normal ethical manner. We found out from his customer, Chris, that he told him we wouldn’t help and to just go somewhere else. He never even helped his customer. Chris informed us that Lawrence (Larry) wrecked his rotors in his supercharger by stuffing rags in the supercharger in an attempt to extract the pulley. Accused of being unethical (fraudulent) and not allowing us to complete due process by submitting the item for warranty inspection. He has spent a great deal of time on his Facebook page, making sure to damage our credibility. We won dispute.


Bruno Terroba, Biana Racing
Pascual Salcedo 9 4Âși
31230 Viana, Navarra

Challenged payment in 2014 as never received. Proof was provided and we even had email from customer showing him asking mounting questions and if the unit had oil it on the day he went to install it. He claimed it wasn’t him. We won dispute.


Keith Bachman
K&T race fabrication
206 fern road
Millville, NJ 08332

Ordered bottle of oil on June 29th- late afternoon. Item shipped the very next day by UPS- 2nd Day Air on June 30th and was picked up June 30th. Item was delivered on July 6th. Customer called and wanted his shipping refunded of $16.06 because UPS did not deliver it in 2 days. First of all, July 4th and a weekend are involved here. Last, UPS does not guarantee any delivery times since COVID began last year. We refused a shipping refund. So customer filed a dispute for $38.05 stating he never received his bottle of oil in 2 days. and declared a full refund of oil and shipping, while keeping the product. We won dispute.

  • KJ, J Jay, K Jones, later found out to be Kamani Jones
  • 2443 Fair Oaks Blvd #179
  • Sacramento, CA 95825

Rebuild with small pulley swap. Customer demanded we install a pulley that was smaller than the drive snout and fit around the drive. Drive OD: 2.3″, Pulley ID: 2.06″ Machining the drive snout down to clear the pulley will cause the material to be thinner than 2.5mm. Customer demanded we move forward. Drive cracked exactly as predicted during assembly. Customer became upset because this happened, demanded we pay for a new casting, and proceed to machine the 2nd casting the same as the first. We did not comply and finished rebuilding it with the factory pulley. We suggested he send it somewhere else to have the small pulley installed. Customer agreed, but only if we removed all the machining charges and did not charge him for a casting. We refused. Customer wanted to pay by Credit Card, but refused to provide his full name or billing address. We refused the credit card because of this. We also refused this method as he indicated he would just get his money back from the CC. We informed him that we required Check, Bank Payment, Money Order due to this. He filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This is where we learned his full name and address. He cited us as being discriminatory to payment method. He then paid by paypal twice, but demanded that we ship it to an address not listed in Paypal. This is a big no-no in Paypal as this will allow a customer to get back all of his funds, per Paypal rules. We refused and refunded his funds, twice. He kept doing this to cost us money. We were forced to block him in Paypal. Customer then filed a complaint with the Iowa Dept of Justice and the Attorney General citing we were keeping his item. We only retained possession of his items as they remained unpaid. We decided to be done with this person’s continued drama. We could not reason with him. We dismantled all of our parts out of the supercharger, returned a trade in he provided, and returned all parts and pieces to him without repair so that we could wash our hands of this person we were unable to reason or communicate with. It is our impression he wanted something for nothing. We wrote off the labor.

No answer to any phone calls or emails to pay rebuild invoice, phone number is now disconnected.

  • Tom Hale
  • 412 Johnson Ave
  • Mount Vernon, OH 43050

Flat out refuses to pay rebuild invoice:

  • Premiere Auto Sports
  • 6926 E 16th St
  • Indianapolis, IN 46219

No payment of invoice after multiple attempt and promises to pay.

Joseph Tortorici
4189 78th St N
Lot 5
St Petersburg, FL 33709


Purchased gasket kit for jackshaft 2.9L supercharger kit. Used gaskets, but complained they didn’t fit. He stated the year of his truck was a 2005. We told him a 2.9L was never made for his truck. We sold him gaskets for a 2.3L kit and had them drop shipped directly from Whipple. Customer used both sets and then returned one of them damaged and expected money back. Complained that neither gasket kit fit. Confirmed later on that customer had an engine from an entirely different application and year in his truck. Filed against his credit card as item not described and returned damaged/used gaskets.

Justin Cooper
5478 Rishley Runway
Mount Dora, FL 32757