Non-paying, deadbeat, and fraudulent customer list:

Jake Brain
Ellensburg, WA 98926

Invoice date: 11/26/20 Requested warranty in January. We stated to send it in for warranty. No contact, Filed a claim with his CC to get his money back. Claimed we would not help him. Supercharger never showed up for warranty. In April, filed a complaint with the BBB. He took our money and continues to play victim.

1st Stop Performance, Don
Snohmish, WA 98296

Invoice: 10/22/19 Stated it was noisy on return, but refused to return it for warranty. Sent over 9 emails requesting us to just send money back. We asked to have the supercharger back for inspection. Customer never followed through or returned the item.


Lawrence Macedo
1616 Lake Drive
Unit 7
Deland, FL 32724

Phone: 407-970-3463

Sent in damaged Hellcat drive snout from customer attempting to remove the factory pulley without proper tools. Damaged drive snout severely., which was damaged from improper service tools. We repaired it. Installed Hellraiser pulley that he provided per directions. He wanted us to deviate from directions. We left dust cover off and stated if this is how he wanted it, to check it over. If he approved, install the dust cover. He installed the dust cover. A week later, sent us an email claiming we wrecked the drive snout. Never sent in for warranty. He told his customer to send it somewhere else. They repaired it and Hellraiser provided a new pulley as the early Gen 1 pulleys are having all kinds of problems. Lawerence created a fake invoice due, stating we owe him money. Sent it to collections in an attempt to damage our credit. This person does not operate in a normal ethical manner. We found out from his customer, Chris, that he told him we wouldn’t help and to just go somewhere else. He never even helped his customer. Chris informed us that Lawrence (Larry) wrecked his rotors in his supercharger by stuffing stuff in the supercharger in an attempt to extract the pulley. Accused of being unethical (fraudulent) and not allowing us to complete due process by submitting the item for warranty inspection. He has spent a great deal of time on his Facebook page, making sure to damage our credibility.