Loser central: Dis-honest, Impatient, Non-paying, deadbeat, or fraudulent customer list:

In today’s world, we spend a good portion each week, monitoring fraud. We have added this to our website, so that if other companies do a google search, they can see A list of IP addresses and or names pop up on our website.

Here is a list of ship to addresses, names, and IP addresses, that are attempting to commit high dollar credit card/internet fraud on the website. This is just a list over the last 20 days:

All the phone numbers are not in service and all the emails bounce, since they are just made up.

Eduardo Rodriguez
827 N Fig St
Apt B5
Escondido, CA 92026

Edgar Requena
3701 aguanieve dr
Laredo, TX 78046

Edgar Requena garcia
C rapsodia Mza 9 lt 3
Ciudad de México

Edgar daniel Martínez beltran
Luis m Rojas 1766

maria beltran
1722 s ashland ave
chicago, IL 60608

Priscila Hears
3701 aguanieve dr
Laredo, TX 78046

Zaira Heard
3701 aguanieve dr
Laredo, TX 78046

erick castrejon
rhyd y garreg ddu
SA33 6NN
United Kingdom (UK)

erick castrejon
1722 s ashland ave
Chicago, IL 60608

Eduardo Martinez
827 n fig st
Apt b5
Escondido, CA 92026

Emails will be from @henessygroup.com, @proteching.com or @gmail.com

IP addresses where fraud is coming from:


Jean Francis Maillot, Meudon 92190 France

Ordered a set of TRD gaskets by USPS which is the slowest method of transit. Refused to pay customs duty on gaskets, so USPS never delivered them. Filed a complaint with Paypal when they were not delivered.


Dylan Moberly/Patty Irwin with ADCOCKBROS.com, Mayhem, PA 17545

Filed a chargeback claiming card was used in fraud. 2 phone calls to Dylan stated it was a mistake and they canceled it. 5 days later, the bank is still requesting a response and charged JBP a fee. Jon spent 2 hours preparing all the paperwork to respond to the chargeback. Owner of business claimed fraud, and stuck with it, even after we sent a description of the work completed. NO WARRANTY ON BADGE 20652 due to non-payment.


Nicole Nicholas, Kearny, NJ

Purchased Hellcat parts. Claimed that we never sent them and filed chargeback. We have proof of delivery with a photo to residence. Won dispute.


Gabriel Juarez, Phoenix, AZ Saleen S281 S6 supercharger

Already lied to commit fraud against UPS, and chargeback on invoice within 7 days, all while Jon was on vacation.

Customer sent in a supercharger without any packaging. Supercharger was damaged in shipping. Customer committed fraud and submitted a full rebuild repair, plus damage claim to UPS Insurance. So he either lied to the insurance company, or lied to us. Customer identified 3 issues with his supercharger. We are accused of selling him the wrong pulley size, not selling him a low vacuum bypass valve, and not replacing the gear set. Our first contact was with an email threat of a chargeback and a lawsuit. We send him a link on how to send it in for a warranty request. We attempted conversation that was not well received. We debunked the claim on the pulley and found the customer was measuring incorrectly. We sold the customer a low vacuum bypass valve as he requested, due to his old bypass did not close properly. His old bypass valve was modified from OEM with a removed or cut spring and did not close the bypass properly. It also had a broken port on it. While working with the customer, we found he already removed our valve and he installed his non-working valve back on the supercharger. He sent a picture. The bypass valve is the old, non working valve and the shaft is now 180 degrees out of sync. The customer did this when either installing the supercharger, or replacing the valve as the lever must be removed for either situation. We were not able to reason with the customer as he stated if it doesn’t have a red cap on it, it isn’t a low vacuum bypass valve. We encouraged him to test it with a vacuum tool as shown on our website. We offered his money back on the valve since he didn’t believe us, if he sent the valve in. He refused. No progress. Customer requested gears replaced. We told them they passed backlash tests when timing the supercharger and passed all noise tests. The customer stated that he talked to competitors and named 3 of them that said they were bad. I asked how they know this with just a video. He stated it is all over youtube. I told him those videos are not done by professionals and they are incorrect. I extended an offer and stated that I would put new gears for $500, no labor, and give him $250 for the old ones. I made it clear that this offer will be honored as long as he put oil in it after he installed it and that it has not been altered and disassembled. This is where he lost his cool. After many hours of phone calls and emails, the customer was condescending and told us he is right and we are wrong. Our competitors that he name dropped, called us stating that they never said the things he stated and that he is just stirring up drama. We received a phone call from Jokerz, that the supercharger is at his facility and all apart. We could tell this customer’s mind was made up that we messed everything up from first contact. There was nothing we could offer in services or assistance to help him out. He just plainly wanted all of his money back. Filed a chargeback and made threats of legal action on very first email.

House of Horsepower- Scott Day. Houston, TX

Customer sent us a Whipple 3.8L Supercharger, according to customer- that 2 previous vendors repaired. Supercharger showed signs of detonation damage and has also been serviced and rotors repaired before. Customer became verbally aggressive and used vulgar language towards one of our technicians over the phone. Jon took over call, Scott Day became agitated over a 2nd supercharger that they sent in with no paperwork and no appointment. We started it 2 days after arrival- even though appointments are out 2 months ahead. We were not moving to his expectations, and due to the agitation, we thought it best to separate before the customer’s bill of $3800 was invested. There may be a reason the other vendors walked away. We just charged for the box and return shipping. No tear down, no diagnostic, no packing fee, no fee for the labor of the work we started.——At the same time, he sent in a supercharger that was serviced by another customer. He never made an appointment and never sent paperwork. When he called, frustrated with why we have not serviced it, we asked for paperwork. He became agitated and rude and finally sent paperwork in. There was damage from ingestion of a foreign object to the rotors. It also had alot of engine oil inside the supercharger. Scott disagreed with the diagnostics and used a google review from someone who wasn’t even a customer to ridicule. Because I wouldn’t respond to his ridicule and rudeness, he cited that JBP is guilty. At this time, I suggested that he find another place of business, and purchase his replacement from another party. He sent the customer after us. We felt it was best if they both find another party to purchase a new head unit from, since he thinks we were screwing them.


Jordan Stovall- Kansas City, MO

Customer sent us his supercharger for repair in 1/2022. Supercharger was not repairable due to lack of lubrication. We didn’t even fully disassemble it to inspect it as we could rotate the input side and the output side wouldn’t even turn. It was this bad. Customer called us and wanted us to pay for a new one as they stated we damaged the internals when we inspected it. Customer made threats to us. We severed communication.

Charge-back over $14.49 total order


Reece Blackwell- Mansfield, TX

Customer order intercooler crossover o-rings. We shipped the next day. Customer called/texted on the 22nd to tell us they have the wrong parts. My wife had an aha moment and identified that she may have accidently pulled o-rings from the tray next to it. We resent the correct o-rings at our cost. Our technician that took the call, may have misunderstood what Reece wanted and wrote down to ship them to the Bill to address (we were not able to identify at the time of this call as the customer was already upset- but the tech that took the call suspected it may have been a communication issue between him and the Reese.). Chargeback received 3-28 from credit card company. No timely communication from customer on any issues. No emails. Customer stated we never sent tracking. We did, both times and 2 times each shipment. Once from the website account and once from the shipper. USPS delivered the parts to his bill to address as anticipated. Customer hung up on me mid-sentence as I was presenting shipping information- no knowing anything about the address communication issue. Customer called back in the afternoon and said he didn’t get any tracking. We confirmed the email address was entered in both the shipper and the website for both packages. As we started to move through the conversation, customer insulted my wife, stating that if she has been there 12 years, she should already know what she is doing. Customer stated they just moved and no longer live at the bill to address. I stated they should be able to get their parts still as he should have a forwarding address with USPS. He stated they never did that and became very agitated with me. I asked him to check with USPS and correct it, to see if they can correct the delivery. Reece was already agitated and stated I have poor customer service and kept talking over me as I tried to present solutions. He proceeded to throw insults. I do not assist someone when they are rude, insulting, and disrespectful.

At 5:12 PM, accused me of cursing and now making threats to file a BBB complaint.

Potential customer (no invoice ever generated)- customer sues us for 2 times over estimate to pay for a blower that was damaged by debris and possibly shipping damage.

Scott A. Campbell
Clifton, VA 20124

Customer makes an appointment for November and send his supercharger to us in September. Customer shipped it in a thinwall box, with soft foam. We opened it in November, desassembled it and inspected it for free. We found the supercharger with internal damage from ingesting engine debris and from prior disassembly by someone else. They had damaged an output shaft and a gear from improper assembly and removal. A case was cracked and broken from the customer’s poor shipping to us. That same case, was also damaged internally by the customer’s blown engine. It took us some time to get an estimate due to staff out on medical leave and Thanksgiving. We quoted a replacement, trading in the good parts. Customer agreed. We ordered a replacement and did not yet charge the customer. About 12 days later, customer was rude to our staff over the phone and expressed a desire for us to compensate for the replacement supercharger, since UPS denied his claim as time has passed. We declined as we were just the inspecting party for Scott’s supercharger. We never sold the customer this supercharger, nor repaired it before. Scott has now filed a Small Claims for $6200 requesting us to pay for the supercharger he sucked debris into, poorly packaged, and that we inspected for free. We never charged him one penny for anything and he received his supercharger back with all parts. We had already cleaned his intercooler and good parts for free. Keep in mind that we NEVER sold, or serviced this supercharger before.

Update: Customer proceeded to file a small claims, requesting $6200 and followed through with taking us to court.



Ryan Minnick
Loveland, CO 80538

Customer was dishonest with a review post on our business, on our Google Review page that we maintain and literally told lies with no facts provided. We provided the facts. We will let you be the judge. You can also find this on our Google Review Page.

Ryan M: I was running a used Novi2000 for 2 years. No issue at all but thought I would do the responsible thing and get it rebuilt to avoid a catastrophe. Had it rebuilt by Jon. They broke my case taking it apart and charged me 80% of the cost for a new one even though it wasn’t my fault that they broke it. Still went ahead with the rebuild. The impeller let go 4 weeks later. Went through my my completely built engine. Jon said I had an oiling problem and would not warranty anything. I tested my supply line and drain line and they where flowing perfectly. I said screw it and bought a brand new Novi2000. Been running it hard for almost 3 years and did not change my oiling setup AT ALL and running stronger than ever. I understand things happen but I will never do business with someone that doesn’t stand behind their work.

Jon Bond Performance: We assume this Ryan Minnick as all the dates line up and this is the only Ryan M that had a Paxton Novi 2000. No supercharger moves forward without customer approval- EVER. Your 1st supercharger sent in 12/2019 had a damaged impeller and rear seal leaking with a plugged oil injector as well. All the parts were replaced and you choose a $655 billet impeller upgrade. The impeller didn’t let go 4 weeks later. You sent it more than 14 months later on 4/21, your warranty was expired. Either way, we still evaluated it for warranty. You ran the supercharger without oil in it. Your oil injector was plugged again with debris. We show you used vicegrips on the oil injector
(new damage), so someone knew about it or tried to repair it. All of the bearings were gone on the impeller side when it arrived here- most likely in your oil pan. With no bearings, the gearset will travel where ever it likes and destroy the case, impeller, volute, and everything around it. You were quoted a new one from Vortech and we charged you exactly our cost, so we made $0 off of helping you on the 2nd unit. OIL INJECTOR must be cleaned every 2nd or 3rd oil change. There is a white paper document from Vortech on this. If your engine goes down and metal travels through the pump, YOU MUST clean the oil injector out as well. I do not know your engine back story, but make sure you have your facts when you go on the attack. This also proves I should be less generous, as when I sell things at cost or provide a discount, I always get burned. We do not damage cases taking them apart. We have worked on these things since 2009. This customer ran this supercharger till it had nothing left. It had to have sounded horrible. Good thing I keep all records.


Intended to get their money back:

Jake Brain
Ellensburg, WA 98926

Invoice date: 11/26/20 Paid for powdercoating, full rebuild of supercharger. Stated had noise after installation. We offered warranty in January. We stated to send it in for warranty. No contact, never heard from him. Filed a claim with his CC to get his money back as Item not as described. Claimed we would not help him. Supercharger never showed up for warranty. In April, filed a complaint with the BBB. We did win the case with the Credit Card Company, but wasted precious hours with constant complaints, and having to respond to cases. It would have been easier for him to just send it back for warranty for both of us. We won dispute.



1st Stop Performance, Don
Snohmish, WA 98296

Invoice: 10/22/19. Paid for a rebuild. Stated it was noisy on return, but refused to return it for warranty. Sent over 9 emails requesting us to just send money back. We asked to have the supercharger back for inspection. Customer never followed through or returned the item and filed a claim with his credit card company for the purchase as not as described and that we would not help. We lost dispute due to inability to produce email responses. Since then we moved to a email server for records.



POWERHOUSE PERFORMANCE, Powerhouse HP Tunes powerhouseHPtunes@gmail.com doing business as

TR3 Performance Inc

4141 SW 47th Ave

Davie, FL 33314-4006

Lawrence Macedo, Lawerence Dean
Deland, FL 32724

Business Phone: 407-970-3463

Sent in damaged Hellcat drive snout from customer attempting to remove the factory pulley without proper tools. Customer damaged drive snout severely, which was damaged from improper service tools. We repaired it. Installed Hellraiser pulley that he provided per directions. He wanted us to deviate from directions. We left dust cover off and stated if this is how he wanted it, to check it over. If he approved, install the dust cover. He installed the dust cover. A week later, sent us an email claiming we wrecked the drive snout. Never sent in for warranty. He told his customer to send it somewhere else. They repaired it and Hellraiser provided a new pulley as the early Gen 1 pulleys are having all kinds of problems. Lawrence created a fake invoice due, stating we owe him money, and then made it past due within 2 days notice. Sent it to collections in an attempt to damage our credit. This person does not operate in a normal ethical manner. We found out from his customer, Chris, that he told him we wouldn’t help and to just go somewhere else. He never even helped his customer. Chris informed us that Lawrence (Larry) wrecked his rotors in his supercharger by stuffing rags in the supercharger in an attempt to extract the pulley. Accused of being unethical (fraudulent) and not allowing us to complete due process by submitting the item for warranty inspection. He has spent a great deal of time on his Facebook page, making sure to damage our credibility. We won dispute.

Powerhouse HP made a fake invoice with our name claiming we used his services and never paid. His company then sent this invoice to a collections business, where they proceeded to harass us for a balance for many months. We won this dispute as well.

Update 2023: Customer continues to attempt to purchase parts from us. We refuse to do business with this customer and refund the purchase when identified.


Intention to get his money back:

Bruno Terroba, Biana Racing
31230 Viana, Navarra

2014. Paypal payment was received for services that showed confirmed address and email. Supercharger was sent with signature and insurance to this same address and email that we communicated with the customer. Customer sent an email from the same order email address, with oil level questions, installation questions and issues. No email or phone call stating their was any delivery issues. Challenged payment through PayPal stating non-received many weeks later and that this wasn’t him. Proof was provided with signature to the address. Customer claimed that this wasn’t him, using their email address. We won PayPal dispute after many months.

The customer is also using Carlos Gomez in Facebook messages to us.

It is 2022. Bruno Terroba is having a meltdown for me labeling that they attempted to cheat or defraud us. This customer is now threatening a lawsuit stating that we are slandering and defaming and is demanding a public apology. All we did was state facts. Facts: Customer challenged the payment with no contact, stating they never received the supercharger. Not once, but twice. Customer emailed us with mounting issues- along with pictures of the problem they were having, proving they had the supercharger. They did file a claim and did receive their money back as money was removed from our account. After spending 8 hours fighting this and more than 45 days, we did win our money back. This is not slander and defamation. All these things happened and all statements can be backed with facts.



Keith Bachman
K&T race fabrication
Millville, NJ 08332

Ordered bottle of oil on June 29th- late afternoon. Item shipped the very next day by UPS- 2nd Day Air on June 30th and was picked up June 30th. Item was delivered on July 6th. Customer called and wanted his shipping refunded of $16.06 because UPS did not deliver it in 2 days. First of all, July 4th and a weekend are involved here. Last, UPS does not guarantee any delivery times since COVID began last year. We refused a shipping refund. So customer filed a dispute for $38.05 stating he never received his bottle of oil in 2 days. and declared a full refund of oil and shipping, while keeping the product. We won dispute.


No words for this one. The signs were there, and I should have listened.

KJ, J Jay, K Jones, later found out to be Kamani Jones

Sacramento, CA 95825

Rebuild with small pulley swap. Customer demanded we install a pulley that was smaller than the drive snout and fit around the drive. Drive OD: 2.3″, Pulley ID: 2.06″ Machining the drive snout down to clear the pulley will cause the material to be thinner than 2.5mm. Customer demanded we move forward. Drive cracked exactly as predicted during assembly. Customer became upset because this happened, demanded we pay for a new casting, and proceed to machine the 2nd casting the same as the first. We did not comply and finished rebuilding it with the factory pulley. We suggested he send it somewhere else to have the small pulley installed. Customer agreed, but only if we removed all the machining charges and did not charge him for a casting. We refused. Customer wanted to pay by Credit Card, but refused to provide his full name or billing address. We refused the credit card because of this. We also refused this method as he indicated he would just get his money back from the CC. We informed him that we required Check, Bank Payment, Money Order due to this. He filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This is where we learned his full name and address. He cited us as being discriminatory to payment method. He then paid by paypal twice, but demanded that we ship it to an address not listed in Paypal. This is a big no-no in Paypal as this will allow a customer to get back all of his funds, per Paypal rules. We refused and refunded his funds, twice. He kept doing this to cost us money. We were forced to block him in Paypal. Customer then filed a complaint with the Iowa Dept of Justice and the Attorney General citing we were keeping his item. We only retained possession of his items as they remained unpaid. We decided to be done with this person’s continued drama. We could not reason with him. We dismantled all of our parts out of the supercharger, returned a trade in he provided, and returned all parts and pieces to him without repair so that we could wash our hands of this person we were unable to reason or communicate with. It is our impression he wanted something for nothing. We wrote off the labor.


Tom Hale
Mount Vernon, OH 43050

No answer to any phone calls or emails to pay rebuild invoice, phone number is now disconnected. Supercharger sold to pay for invoice 10 months later.


  • Premiere Auto Sports
  • Indianapolis, IN 46219

Flat out refuses to pay rebuild invoice. No payment of invoice after multiple attempt and promises to pay. Supercharger was sold 1 year later to pay for invoice.


Joseph Tortorici
St Petersburg, FL 33709

Supercharger was sold 1 year later to pay for invoice.


Purchased gasket kit for jackshaft 2.9L supercharger kit. Used gaskets, but complained they didn’t fit. He stated the year of his truck was a 2005. We told him a 2.9L was never made for his truck. We sold him gaskets for a 2.3L kit and had them drop shipped directly from Whipple. Customer used both sets and then returned one of them damaged and expected money back. Complained that neither gasket kit fit. Confirmed later on that customer had an engine from an entirely different application and year in his truck. Filed against his credit card as item not described and returned damaged/used gaskets. We won dispute.

Justin Cooper
Mount Dora, FL 32757

________________________________________________________________________________ Fraud Alert:. Do not take a credit card from this person.

Anthony Santoro, owner of PRS Solutions Flooring
Hudson, FL 34669

Paid for a a 2.9L Jackshaft Supercharger Rebuild that required a new rotor pack and case of $3691.31. Has a possible warranty issue, but refuses to send it in to be evaluated. Instead of sending it in for warranty, charged back on his card and claimed unauthorized use of his card. When he used Quickbook’s online payment system, he entered a fake address, no pin or expiration date in the payment. We shipped the item to his confirmed address and phone number, yet he is claiming on the form that his card was used without his knowledge, but yet had the item shipped to his confirmed address and signed for it.

As of 11/2/22, received notification that we won dispute. Customer continues to send emails, threatening and harassing us. We present facts, so the customer responds with a request for no further contact. We have over 12 hours of lost time, responding to the customer.

11/5/23- customer sent email ‘Show me the fake address that I gave you like it shows on your website.’ All customer needs to do- is look at the information he submitted to Quickbooks on the electronic online payment. We were able to provide the email and IP Addresses of the computers, and that the address it was delivered and signed for, matched the bill to address, even though the customer claimed un-authorized use. Quickbooks payment system was helpful in the verification process.


Eurl garage du ponderon
David Peronnet
36230 SARZAY

Placed order off the website. Filed chargeback on Paypal payment within 3 business days, stating item not received. No email or phone contact. The shipping method the customer used, wouldn’t even allow it to get there in 3 days. Luckily we were able stop shipment of the package. We agreed to refund the money.


Christian Schneider (The Green Gummy Bear, Tone Kind), Husby, Germany.

Sent in a Hellcat supercharger for a supercharger rebuild as well as custom powdercoating work with supercharger. Customer declared that we did build the supercharger right, after using it for more than 30 days. The supercharger was under warranty, but customer refused to send it in. Customer sent it for repair to his friend. His friend declared we didn’t repair it right and now his friend is rebuilding it properly. Challenge the payment in Paypal. We won. Please note the customer had all the opportunity to have us look at it, but declared his buddy knew more. My question is, why would you spend $1500 to send it and $1500 to send it back, if your buddy down the street already knew how to fix it? We are unsure if this customer did or did not have a problem as he never sent it in. The story has much more to it than this, but this is website and not a book.


Robert Stamm


Rebuilt a ONLY a drive snout. Drive snout was still leaking. Customer returned it. No problem found, but we installed another seal. Still leaking. We declared there may be an issue with the supercharger venting into the drive (bad rotor seals). We suggested he service the rest of it. Customer refused, then charged back on his card stating we didn’t rebuild his drive properly.


Valley Motorsports, Mark Sandberg in Egan, MN. Sent supercharger in to be repaired. Had damage that was not repairable. Customer demanded that we service it. We refused. Customer purchased repair parts from us and asked us to ship it back. Once it came back, customer filed complaint and stated that he didn’t receive ‘his’ supercharger back and that we exchanged it with another one and gave him one that was not repairable. We did not have one of these as the company made less than 100 of them. Please note the reason we couldn’t repair it is because the engine blew up in it. The customer said he could repair the rotors, so we sent him the rotors. It came back full of body filler and primer. We refused to rebuild it. We sent it back with the new rebuild parts as he requested, and this is what he did to us. We found out later that he was trying to sell the car with body filler repaired rotors. Customer owes $641.11.


BANK/CREDIT CARD FRAUD using someone else’s card: Ordered $749.71 in parts. Phone number: 661-486-0372- do not accept a purchase with this number as they are most likely using a stolen credit card #. The address below is the addressed used.

Ajay Setya

62 Clifford

Irvine, California 92618


RPD Store in Painesville, OH (RDP Motorsport): We completed a full rebuild. A $2.49 oring was leaking on the intercooler. We offered to pay to have it returned and corrected. Customer refused and canceled payment of $2301.42.


G Mann, Greg Mann, Todd Manness, T Manness, www.superchargerrebuilds.com
Waxahachie, TX 75165

Purchased 4 Powerdyne drive belts from us on 7/29/22 for $280.42 and shipped USPS. Items arrived per tracking to their PO box on 8/1. It did not fit in the PO box, so USPS left a card, holding the item to 8/15/22. Customer did not pick up. On 9/7/22, customer complained that they never received the items and forgot about it and USPS does not know where they are at. Filed Ebay chargeback stating they never received their item, yet, they never checked their own PO box for more than 5 weeks. They said it was our fault and we need to deliver it to them. As you can see, here is your sign. Delivery was attempted, they are just irresponsible. Todd responds in a very demeaning and very rude way. They refuse to file any missing package requests with their local PO nor take any accountability. I would not recommend. Update: 9/29/22 Customer canceled chargeback with no communication.


Warning to other businesses that these names, phone number, addresses, and email are associated with the fraud that took place. You may want to use caution using your credit card at this restaurant. Someone who works at this location is suspected of stealing credit card numbers and having the items delivered there.

Christopher Gonzalez, Pollo Campero Restaurant, Tiffany Hall, David Puckett

Purchased gaskets on 10/9/22.

Phone: 760-488-3630.

Email davidpuckett4567@gmail.com

Bill to: 10216 7th Avenue

Hesperia, CA 92345

Ship to:

Pollo Campero Resturant

2740 Mission St

San Francisco, CA 94110


Filed a do not recognize transaction. We were able to prove delivery to the billing address on the credit card.

Carlos Alberto Dorta

Naples, Florida 34113-8748