Supercharger Repair Terms and Conditions/The Process

You may wonder why vendors discontinue service, charge more, or have all these complex policies and procedures. Over the last year, we have had our share of unruly customers that seem to think the world revolves around them.

When I started, back in 2009, I had NO customer guidelines. It was simple. Our service form had just a handful of questions like address and phone number. Overtime, situations happen. All of the extra things we do, have added to cost and production time. All of these changes also help us to be the best in the business.

3/22/23, I attended a small claims lawsuit where a person shipped us something damaged (on his label and his packing), but then expected us to pay for an entirely new item, twice over the cost. He made sure that our attorney fees added up. That would be like getting a dent in your car from the UPS truck, but expecting the grocery store you are parked at, to buy you 2 new cars. It seemed that he was just out for money, as he did not justify where this large number was coming from, or he was out for revenge. We ended up canceling his new head unit with him, and having all of his items returned. Not one penny was collected from him. JBP will have to see where this all heads, as the decision is in the judges hands at the moment. Now that this is over, we look forward to getting caught up on all the customers that lost out, as I was occupied by this mess.

Here are some highlights of things we do to protect our customer, our employees, and the company.

We are just a small company, with a very high demand. We don’t just hire bodies. Afterall, our customers demand the best, so we must have skilled help. This is impossible at this time. We rely on alot of technology and equipment to help all of us do more.

If you are sending in your supercharger, here is the terms and conditions and the process:

  • JB Performance is open to the public/calls 8AM-12PM and 1PM-5PM, Monday-Thursday.
  • We have 2 phone lines. We do not have a full time secretary. Our team may be running equipment or on the phone with someone else. If you call us, leave a message. If you leave a name and number, we will call you back. Make sure your voice mail works. We will make only 1 return call per voice mail, as many times, we will spend hours and days trying to return a call, only to have someone say the question is answered. Use email if this is concern. Use
  • Want to know what to expect for cost? Find your supercharger here. Here is how. If it is OEM, find the application by vehicle brand. If it is an aftermarket supercharger, then find the company that made it. If you can’t find it, reach out to us. Use
  • Fill out the Repair Request Form. DO NOT FORGET Step 3. Make an Appointment. If you don’t make an appointment, the next available date will be selected during check in here. Keep in mind that we are typically booked 6 to 9 weeks out, so this could delay your repair. It is your responsibility to complete the paperwork, print it, and include it in the supercharger box. If there is no paperwork included in the box, we will be unable to contact you.
  • Next up, if your supercharger is vented, please drain the oil. Then pack your supercharger properly. You may want to take advice from here on how to package and ship the supercharger. Please include your Repair Request Form
  • Ship your supercharger 1 to 14 days before your appointment date. If you ship your package early, or without an appointment, you are accepting the risk of not being able to file insurance with carrier within their timeline, should suspected shipping damage be found. JBP is not responsible for the arrival of your package, or damage to your supercharger in transit shipped to JB Performance. We are also not responsible for any parts that were lost in transit (damaged box). We are not the carrier and our business is not in shipping.
  • When you send your supercharger to us, whether using our label or your label, you are accepting the condition that it arrives here as. We have no control over your box selection or packing method. We are also not responsible if tracking shows it is here, yet it is not delivered here. We have had superchargers delivered to a 600 house number in the same town before. At the moment, the people that have received these have had good ethics to call us on it. Be sure to ship it to the address on the Repair Request Form. Do not use Google’s ‘Universal Diagonal St.’ This is wrong and Google has no intention of correcting it. We have camera’s in our shipping area to monitor arrival and departure of packages. This video file remains available for 90 days.
  • If you want to determine if your item made it, you can track your label. You can also email and ask. Please use the name that you sent it in as on your Repair Request Form for ease in locating.
  • Once your item arrives, our team will only locate your paperwork and add you to our progress list as checked in. We do not unpack it at this time.
  • On or around your scheduled date, the teardown technician will take pictures of the box, unpacking, the label, the current condition of the supercharger as unpacking, and the condition of items as we tear it down. The technician will note what items have been included. We do not test your supercharger before disassembly as dirt and debris can be present that can damage a supercharger. We strongly encourage customers to not include items loosely in box, if you think they can be lost in transit, should the box be punctured. Pictures of your box and disassembly are kept for 1 year. These pictures can be shared, if there is shipping damage, or major condition issues. The box that your supercharger came in will be relocated to a shelf. They are reused or discarded if the supercharger has returned to customer, or if the supercharger has been inspected, and it has not progressed for more than 60 days. Internal paperwork is created called ‘Teardown Checklist’. This document is scanned and shared with the customer when the estimate is created.
  • At this point, the supercharger is only lightly cleaned in spray parts washer. Once dry, the entire supercharger is packaged into a shop crate to keep all items contained. We work on 1 unit at a time, and station to station for each process. All of the next processes may happen over many days/weeks. Centrifugals are 6 to 8 business days. 8 to business 13 days for twin screw or roots. Urgent Appointments are 1 to business 3 days. Adding any rotor repair, case repair, porting and coatings can add extra time. . Porting and powdercoating is not available for Urgent appointments.
  • An inspection technician will evaluate the condition of the consumables and the supercharger. We make every effort to be as accurate as possible on our estimates. Once the inspection is completed, administration will scan your paperwork to keep on file and send to you by email. A 2nd email will be generated and sent to you as an estimate for evaluation. If there is more than 1 available repair solution, you may have 2 estimates generated.
  • At this point, we will call the same or the very next day after the email is sent. You have the right to refuse the repair and the right to ask questions and have explanations. If the explanation is insufficient, we will share arrival and tear down photos with you. We know that there are times, repairs could exceed what someone may have budgeted for. An estimate can sit here for up to 1 year without a storage charge. If you are an urgent customer, the ‘timeline’ clock will stop, until approval is granted. At this time, the customer can choose the following: Repair the item, put it on the shelf for a bit, sell the good parts (bad parts can be returned), have the item returned for the cost of shipping. We typically generate the label. If your supercharger required a NEW supercharger, we will collect half, and the other half when the supercharger is ready to ship. If a supercharger has been on the shelf for a long time, awaiting approval, we will make every effort to contact you. We make 3 attempts to contact you using information provided. If a supercharger has been on the shelf for more than a year, and no contact can be made with the customer, the supercharger will incur a storage charge. If the storage charge remains unpaid for more than 90 days, the supercharger will be recycled.
  • Should the repair be approved, the next step is clean the supercharger and prep all of the hard parts for assembly. We have rubber mats on all of our benches to protect superchargers from damage. Superchargers with perfect exteriors will be protected with film during service. Parts will move through different departments, depending on what services are required. We carry 99% of all the consumables needed in stock at all times. Hard parts may have different availability times. Many times we are re-using the customer’s hard parts. Hard part examples would be gears, rotors, impeller, case, shafts, ect. We have no way of knowing if there is metal fatigue in any given part. Sending these parts out to be x-rayed would increase timelines and add a significant cost to any repair. If you require parts to x-rayed as part of your build process, we will work with you to setup shipping of the clean and prepped parts for scanning with a vendor of your choice.
  • The assembly technician will check all parts over again, to make sure nothing was missed. All threaded holes are checked for thread condition. All timing or clearances are checked with solid jigs. If the jig does not fit, it does not pass to the next step. All internal bolts to any supercharger are torqued, and then checked by a 2nd person. Templaq is installed inside the gear case. Templaq can tell us if the supercharger was ran without oil, or what operating temperature the supercharger was running at last. We use Templaq that will show temperatures 200F hotter than the supercharger should ever run at. Break in gel is installed on all gears and shafts to avoid early wear. The technician will reference all pictures taken earlier, to make sure items are mounted or included as intended on arrival. Once the technician clears the supercharger in assembly, he will electronically dyno test the supercharger for operational noise. If there are any abnormal noises, the supercharger will go back to the assembly department, no matter when the supercharger was promised completed. We do not ship any supercharger, until it passes all tests and inspections.
  • Once completed, the supercharger moves to the shipping department. In the shipping department, invoices are checked to make sure there was not any extra oil requested or gaskets. The supercharger will receive a JB Performance badge, stickers that indicate if oil is installed or if it needs oil. Warranty paperwork, precautions, JB Performance sticker, magnet and business card are pulled. If the customer’s box was good, and is of the proper size from when it was sent in, it will be pulled for reuse. If the box is damaged, or too small, the customer will need to pay for a new box and the old one discarded. If the supercharger is heavy, the box will be glued together with Gflex foam at the bottom of the box for drop protection and to help make the box stronger. All old parts and any extra items ordered will be included in the box.
  • Now the supercharger moves to administration where we can make any final corrections to the invoice, estimate shipping costs, and send off a final invoice to the customer. All superchargers, new or repaired, will leave here under our label. A phone call will be issued the same or the next business day. Always double check the billing and ship to address on our invoices. Sometimes the form is messy or damaged in transit, and it becomes difficult to read.
  • The customer can pay from the invoice, over the phone, check, money order, wire transfer, PayPal, or cash. There is a discount for cash, but a charge for PayPal. There is no charge for any other accepted transaction.
  • A shipping label will be generated within 1 to 2 business days of payment. Exceptions are check payment. All superchargers will leave with a signature due on delivery and shipped to your payment bill to address. If other arrangements are made, we must have documentation of the changed address. PayPal payments require shipment to the address you provide us in PayPal. If you have to change this after PayPal payment, there is a fee, as PayPal charges to accept and refund money to a business account. We insure packages for the amount listed at the top on the Repair Request Form. You are responsible for filling this out. If you leave it blank, no insurance will be added. Keep in mind, once your package has left our shop, JB Performance no longer has control of delivery timelines, or location of your package. JB Performance does not assume liability if your package is lost or damaged. We use UPS. UPS is now the responsible party for the return of your supercharger. We send tracking through UPS Worldship. It will inform you of label creation, pickup, exceptions along the way, and delivery. We encourage you to check the address as soon as you receive tracking. If there are any issues with a package, time is the enemy. If you encounter this, we encourage a phone call (leave a message if necessary). I would also encourage to send an email as well. We DO promise to be responsible to handle phone calls/claims/emails to UPS for any claim, lost or damaged supercharger. We will share all information and communication from UPS, except information that will allow you to pose as JBP. This is to protect our account and our customers in transit.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: WARRANTY REQUEST REQUIRES THE UNIT TO BE RETURNED. FOR INSPECTION. Returning the supercharger here does not require pre-approval. Just fill out a Repair Request Form, following proper packing procedures. We recommend taping up all openings. A warranty customer can bypass the appointment stage, and immediately return the supercharger for inspection. We will attempt to fit in warranty superchargers to help them avoid the long appointment time waiting for service. If you purchased a new supercharger, the warranty from the manufacturer will supersede ours. Any discussion/demands by phone or email will not be accepted for warranty as all superchargers must be inspected to determine what is happening before any decision can be discussed. Facts matter. Any disassembly from original work will void warranty. JBP warrants any parts that are purchased at JBP, free from defects in materials, workmanship, and assembly for a limited period of 12 months from the date of invoice. Re-use of customer components not designed by JBP are not covered under this warranty. Every effort is made to identify damage to hard parts with a strict condition required. The supercharger must be properly maintained and operated within original manufacturer’s specifications. Any claimed liability cannot exceed more than the dollar amount of the original transaction. It does not cover damage from improper maintenance, accidents, neglect, ingestion of foreign objects, detonation damage, improper use, improper care, alterations, mistreatment, improper installation, and continued use with an issue. Any claim is subject to our discretion and only after inspected at JBP. If this is a new supercharger, it will be subject to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer. JBP will not be liable for consequential or incidental damages, shipping costs, removal/installation , legal fees, labor, or towing costs associated with any incident. WE DO NOT WARRANTY SUPERCHARGERS DAMAGED BY RACE USE OR BY RPM OVER FACTORY RATING. Supercharger must be returned in the exact same way that it was shipped. Care must be taken to properly pack the supercharger for return. Openings must be taped up carefully to prevent dirt and debris from entering the supercharger. Lack of care or concern on your part will result in labor charges from us to take the unit apart to clean everything and inspect for debris. Damage caused by return shipping is not covered, no matter who made the return label.
  • If your item is off warranty, but you experienced a product issue with a rebuild of ours, you may still subject the supercharger to a warranty inspection at no charge. These are evaluated on a case by case basis. They must be submitted like a normal rebuild using the Repair Request Form.
  • We reserve the right to determine if a supercharger is repairable, and if we want to do business with the customer. Just like you want to evaluate if our company is one you want to deal with, we do the same with our customers. The nice part is that we are always busy, so we don’t need to try to ‘get money’ from every customer to keep our doors open. We provide an opportunity for customers to choose at the time of the estimate. Repair timelines are no guarantee in ANY situation. If you are paying for a fast service time, and we cannot comply, we do not charge this fee. If any customer becomes UNRULY at any time, THERE IS NO GAURANTEE OF SERVICE implied or expressed.
  • If you do not like what you have read, we are always open to discussion of suggestions, but be aware, if we don’t agree, we would suggest it would be best for us both, for the customer to choose someone else.
  • This list is subject to change. Last Revision Date 3/23/23.