Scheduling Appointment!

Let’s get started with scheduling your repair!

Note that our staff works 10 hour days, Monday thru Thursday.

Step 1: Fill out the Repair Request Form. It will redirect you back here in another step.

Step 2: Choose an appointment type. Inspections and estimates are free. The appointment is $100 to make an appointment and is refunded and applied if a rebuild/replacement service takes place. The $100 will be collected when you pick an appointment and a date, below.

No specific times are promised, unless you have paid for URGENT. These times are generalizations. Superchargers that require more work, porting, powdercoating, extra machine work, may require additional time.

-If you have a ‘fan’ or snail looking piece on your supercharger, please allow 1 to 3 business days and choose CENTRIFUGAL SUPERCHARGER appointment. At this time, we are not providing rebuild service for P1SC, D1SC, P1SC-1.

-If you have opposing rotors with lobes, please allow 3 to 12 business days and choose ROOTS OR TWIN SCREW SUPERCHARGER appointment.

-If you have just a drive snout or jackshaft only rebuild, please allow 1 to 3 business days and choose DRIVE SNOUT/JACKSHAFT appointment.

-If you require a guaranteed timeframe, please choose URGENT appointment. URGENT appointments are 1 to 3 days and cannot be combined with porting or powdercoating. If your item cannot be repaired, you will not be billed for an URGENT fee. URGENT MUST BE MARKED ON THE PACKAGE NEAR THE UPS LABEL to avoid delays. This is your responsibility.

-If you require a Warranty Repair, choose WARRANTY appointment. There is no appointment fee for superchargers that are within warranty.