Dodge Hellcat IHI front rotor bearing plate airfoil


IHI Airfoil + 380

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NEW G2 JB Performance design!

Dodge Hellcat IHI Supercharger front entrance rotor bearing plate airfoil. This is a modification to direct the air around the softplug. Just heat the plate up, remove the softplug , and install airfoil.  Install a small amount of glue to the bore, of where the softplug was installed, to secure airfoil in place (included).

The airfoil is designed in a cone shape to direct air around the bearing and to the rotors to help improve performance, with a minimal design to avoid occupying valuable airspace. No special installation tools are required due to a small, flat space at the tip of the cone that helps with installation with a press.

Note: Delay in inventory from 10-11-22 to 10-20-22. Any items ordered will be shipped as soon as production is done.

Off Road Use Only. Made in the USA.

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Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in


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