Head unit rebuild kit B&M Weiand Holley G1


BM G1 head unit rebuild kit


Head unit rebuild kit for Weiand, B&M, and Holley Generation 1 Superchargers. Generation 1 superchargers typically have rear needle bearings and a single key on the gears.  The outside casting at the rear of the supercharger measures 1 5/8″. Be careful, as Generation 2 superchargers also use a needle bearing, but have a splined gears. Generation 3 superchargers use a ball bearing for support at the rear and have splined gears. The outside rear casting measures 2 3/8″. Many of the consumable parts do not interchange.

NOTE: Must choose Generation 1 or Generation 2 drive snout rebuild kit to have a complete kit. G1 drive snouts have a tension spring below the drive snout. G2 drive snouts have a spring around the drive snout.

Includes the following:

  • Quantity 1 gasket for gear case to front rotor plate.
  • Quantity 1 gasket for front rotor plate to case.
  • Quantity 1 gasket for rear rotor plate to case..
  • Quantity 2 SKF front rotor plate bearings.
  • Quantity 2 Timken front rotor plate seals.
  • Quantity 2 Timken rear rotor plate seals.
  • Quantity 2 INA rear rotor plate bearings.
  • Quantity 1 Grease.

Failure to use proper gaskets between any of these parts will result in improper clearances that usually results in costly supercharger failure.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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