JB Performance Oil Consumption Prevention Kit for Fit, CRZ, Jazz Sprintex Superchargers


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JB Performance Oil Consumption Prevention Kit for Sprintex Honda Fit, CRZ, and Jazz series Superchargers.

Sprintex models that run close to maximum RPM have a tendency to consume oil over a period of time. Oil consumption can cause several problems. One is that it can contaminate the engine components with carbon that can lead to detonation and sludge that can decrease the efficiency of the intercooler. Let it run too low and the supercharger can over-heat causing gear failure. We have several solutions for this problem.

JB Performance has developed a solution to prevent oil consumption with a Oil Consumption Prevention Device (OCPD). This device will vent supercharger case pressure while collecting the oil with mesh device and allowing it to drain back, without blowing oil and mist over your clean motor. Device is brushed aluminum to maintain a clean appearance and is lightweight. If you require a bare unit, Our patent pending collection system is easy to install with basic shop tools.

Kit includes the following:

  • JB Performance Oil Consumption Prevention Device.
  • 8 ounces of JB Performance Supercharger Oil.
  • Permatex Anaerobic Gasket Maker.
  • Installation directions.

Installation requires drive snout removal from supercharger, 1/8 NPT tap, 21/64 drill bit, basic hand tools and wrenches, 6mm allen hex, PTFE pipe compound.

If you would like JB Performance to complete this, we charge $47.50 USD labor if the drive snout arrives individually. Add $47.50 if we must remove, clean, and reattach the drive snout. If you would like an oil level sight glass installed, we can do this too. Cost varies on the model and the type of oil level sight glass. We have sight glasses with or without a reflector in them. $50 to $75 USD added cost for the labor and the window.

NOTE: If your supercharger continues to consume oil after this installation, your seals have been damaged from the heat caused by too many low oil levels. We already use upgraded seals that have a dual lip PTFE seal which is an upgrade over the factory seals. JB Performance is the only company to offer this upgrade. This upgrade requires a full supercharger rebuild.


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