OEM Powerdyne Supercharger cast impeller fits BD11, BD11a, BD12, BD10


PD impeller BD11 stock

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Powerdyne OEM replacement counter-clockwise cast Powerdyne BD 11 trim style impeller.  The blades must curve in a counter-clockwise pattern.

Direct fit for the following Powerdyne Superchargers:

  • Powerdyne BD11
  • Powerdyne BD11a
  • Powerdyne BD12
  • Cool Charger BD11
  • Cool Charger BD11a
  • Cool Charger BD12
  • O2 Force 100
  • Ford Motorsport SVO BD11.
  • Ford Motorsport SVO BD11a.
  • Ford Motorsport SVO BD12.

Will also fit the following with an upgrade to a BD11 or newer round output shaft.

  • Any Powerdyne, Ford Motorsport SVO, or Cool Charger with a model number of BD10. Your unit may already be upgraded. A round shaft will use a nut to secure the pulley while a triangle shaft will use a bolt.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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