Pro Charger F series upgraded impeller cone


PC F series Impeller Cone

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Replace your snap in place plastic impeller cone with JB Performance aluminum bolt in cone to protect your F series supercharger and engine. Fits stock and JB Performance aftermarket impellers.

Pro Charger’s use of a plastic cone is prone to failure by popping out of place and can only be installed once. When this happens, the cone is ingested into the impeller causing impeller damage and possibly engine damage from the debris. Our improved cone corrects this by swapping out the plastic cone with an aluminum bolt in place cone. Installation is rather easy and requires basic tools.

Instructions for replacement:

If you can access the impeller cone while the supercharger is mounted to the vehicle, removal is not necessary. Take care to make sure any debris does not enter the supercharger.

Access the plastic cone which is on the impeller side of the supercharger. Remove the plastic cone with an awl and a plastic hammer. Do not pry in any way between the impeller and the plastic cap. The cap extracts straight away from the impeller. Be careful not to slip and hit the impeller. Behind this cap is a 5/16″ tool size, socket cap bolt and washer. Remove. These two items and the plastic cap will not be used again. Blow away any debris. Install JB Performance cone. Use red high temperature locktite on new bolt. Tighten bolt to 37lbs. Installation is complete.

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