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JB Performance improved impeller output shaft, fits Powerdyne, Cool Charger, Ford Motorsport SVO, Dinan, O2Force Superchargers. This is a direct fit replacement shaft for all models that have round shaft impellers mounted with a nut, instead of a bolt. The models that came with round shaft impellers are BD-11, BD11a, BD12. However, many BD500, BD550, BD600, and BD10 models have had upgraded impellers through the years, so please check before ordering. If you have a nut holding the impeller shaft, the supercharger can use this shaft. You can also convert any other supercharger using this shaft and an round shaft impeller.

These shafts are CNC manufactured out of a very hard 17-4 stainless steel using true Gates HTD CNC tooling for proper belt fit. They will not break under any normal use as they have a Rockwell Hardness of 40. They also feature belt vents that are designed not only to move air from under the belt teeth, but also lighten the shaft. The belt retainers are fixed in place with the bearings and cannot pop out of place like the original manufacturer’s weak design.

What makes the JBP shaft better than the original and the competition?

  • Rust free stainless steel design.
  • Stronger metal than original.
  • Correct CNC HTD tooling for proper belt release, quiet operation, and lower belt temperatures.
  • Correctly cut threads to lock impeller on.
  • Precision tooling and evenly spaced vents.
  • All this with only 1 ounce more weight than the poorly designed stock aluminum version.
  • Lifetime warranty for free of defects. Never buy another impeller shaft again!

JBP apologize for the cost of this shaft, but demand has dropped as these units age and there are less and less of them needed every year. The new cost of CNC production on such a small quantity is insane.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in


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