Powerdyne full rebuild kit for BD11a and BD11r


PD rebuild kit BD11a-BD12

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Powerdyne Supercharger full rebuild kit. This parts kit includes the following parts and upgraded components to fit BD11a and BD11r.

  • Quantity 2 SKF input bearings.
  • Quantity 2 JBP ceramic output bearings.
  • Quantity 1 JBP Dyne HTD kevlar replacement belt.
  • Quantity 1 SKF flourorubber front seal.

The bearings are an upgrade over stock. These parts are the correct RPM, load, and temperature rating for this supercharger. Do NOT install just any bearing in this area. Permanent failure will result in the use of a cheap, low RPM bearing that are sold by others. The output shaft bearings are rated for over 60,000 RPM. Maximum recommended supercharger RPM is 42,500 rpm due to other engineering factors involved.

Replacement JBP Dyne HTD kevlar reinforced internal supercharger drive belt. This is the correct tooth pattern for Powerdyne internal drive belts. This belt is 3mm wider than the original design for more strength. No internal modifications are required to use this belt.

Note: HTD belts feature a half moon tooth shape. This is the correct belt for JB Performance replacement shafts and for original Powerdyne Shafts. Other venders sell a GT tooth pattern which is made for a trapezoid shaped tooth pattern. These are not the correct belt for original Powerdyne shafts.


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Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in


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